Worst Escape Rooms

Worst Escape Rooms.

Not all escape rooms are brilliant.

Some escape games  require leaps of logic required to solve the puzzles can be far too big. Some games are made too difficult just to keep the players in the room for the requisite amount of time.

A game  played by us in Madrid was like this.  The escape room owner was a complete idiot with some sort of twisted superiority complex.

A lot of the puzzles in the room were simply not solved by simple logic but by methods which were contrived solely to make the game near impossible to solve without clues.  This is  a very lazy on the part of the owner.

exitgame.es  was the game in question and it would be one to avoid on our escape room radar.

Some games are made bad by a complete lack of effort on the decoration of the room .

Tictocunlock.com have a game called The Hatch where  some plastic ivy has been scattered around the floor in some sort of attempt to suggest that palyers are in the jungle. Add that to the bad props and terrible puzzles and you get some really really disgruntled tripadvisor reviewers.   People will simply not return to a venue if there is absolutely no effort at submersion .


Some of the props in this game were the worst that we have seen as well some of the clues being completely ambiguous. Solutions to puzzles should be clear cutand not ambiguous. These guys seemed really happy that there were 2 sections of an umbrella that seemed black. If one was indeed dark green then it could only have been a very dark green shade of black. It was even ambiguous if you had to look at the umbrella from above or below. The games master couldn’t even explain how to solve the second puzzle..


Ticktockunlock wont get either my money or recommendation ever again. AVOID!!!