budapest escape rooms

Budapest is considered by many people to be the home or capital city of escape rooms. For many years Budapest had the most escape games of any European City. It was from here that Hungarian escape game franchises like Trap were started up .

Trap is probably a good place to start if you want to have a wander around the Budapest escape games. Three or four games can easily be played in a day because most of the locations are in the city centre. When we played , there were lots of mid week special offers which made playing 4 games economically viable.

The Trap Games.

Medieval is a great way to start off a Budapest room escape oddessy. The game is on the easier side but has loads of really well made props. We really appreciated all of the effort that must have gone into making the metalwork . Everything in the room fitted in with the medieval theme and help was at hand when we the staff could see that we were struggling. That we managed to escape with only two people in only our second game  was probably one of the main reasons that we ended up getting hooked by escape room adventures. All of the puzzles in this room fitted in really well with the medieval theme and there were a few electronic surprises that introduce you to what is possible in escape games. Looking at their website, Medieval may have been changed its name to Secret of the Tomb or maybe we only remember it as medieval because that sums up the theme. Either way,  it is a must do game for sure.

Trap Egyptian

As the name suggests, this game has an ancient Egyptian theme. It has a nice variation of hands on practical tasks, mathematic and observational tasks to keep everyone in a team interested for the whole 60 minutes. They even manage to make you crawl through an ancient tunnel. This is another game that should be near the top of any to do list.

The Bomb

Personally speaking, this game actually “bombed” for us. There was far too much stuff lying around the room to distract you from what was useful to you. it was not a great 2 player game but had one decent prop which sticks out. They has an excercise bike hooked up to a dynamo producing electricity for a light that made it possible for you to see into another room. That was really clever.
Not so clever was the infra red beam which stopped anyone from being able to complete the last task. That was way over the top in a room that consisted mainly of red herrings. We couldnt recommend this one and I think that they were considering changing it drastically or even dropping it altogether.