Best Escape Rooms

Favourite escape rooms.

Everyone will have a different idea of what their favourite escape rooms are. Escape Rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. Here we can look at what makes escape games tick.

Multiple Room games.

A common theme applicable to most escape rooms is that you have 60 minutes in which to crack them. Some room escape games dont even have that and some that  I have seen last only 45 minutes. The longest escape game that I  have played is 66 minutes .   Some games can go on for even longer. Bad Clown , for example , at in Macclesfield, lasts 90 minutes.

Most room escape games consist of 2 or 3 rooms / zones, but seven  seperate rooms is the most that I have ever  heard of. From my own personal perspective , thats just too much. Its a bit like hearing the same joke over and over again. By the time you have got passed the fourth door, I’m sure that the surprise buzz element is totally lost.

One Room Games.

Really good escape rooms actually dont have to have loads of rooms and some of my favourite games actually have only had one room.

Two escape rooms in Vilnius , by,  called the travellers room and Mysterious room,  have one only room and are packed full of puzzles and tricks. Even though both were one room games, they both make my top ten list. If you are ever in Vilnius, I would recommend a visit there before you even think about the cathedral, art galleries or museums.


Another classic one room escape game is , Major Plott’s Revenge, by Escape Rooms Belfast. Their cold war escape game has  only has one room. The room is used to create a great deal of tension as players find that they are in a booby trapped room only close to the end and the tension level really rise high as the clock ticks ever closer to your impending doom.

What makes a great escape room ?

This is a really difficult question to try and answer. Everybody will have different ideas about what makes them good. An easier question might be, what makes a bad escape room ?