Escape Rooms and Beyond

Welcome to my personal world of Escape room reviews, trivia and recollections.

I did my first room escape game in London over 2 years ago. That was Hint Hunt in London. There were just three of us doing that game and to say that it was challenging for us , is an understatement.

It was a complete failure. We left the game a bit demoralised with a lot of clues undiscovered. BUT we talked about the game for a good 2 hours in the pub afterwards. We were down we resolved, but not completely out. We would return. And as it has happened.. Again, and ¬†again , and again, and again… You get the idea.

Hint Hunt was a good starting point for us. We knew that we sort of liked it , but not enough to say that we really liked it. We knew that there must be escape rooms out there that we really liked.

Two years down the line , we have done over 50 escape rooms in many different countries.

Our first venture abroad was to Budapest , where we probably did a good half dozen games in 2 days. Hungary is the sort of Escape Game capital in Europe. It is where it started in this part of the world over 7 years ago. We really enjoyed most of the games that we played over there. The Trap Medieval room was probably our favourite and still ranks as one of our all time greats. The room has lots of great props and had our first taste of electronic gizmos. The fact that it was the first room that we actually escaped was a major plus , but the room had an overall high quality finish that would have been very impressive even if we didnt manage to escape.

There were quite a few escape rooms in Budapest that we would recommend. Claustrophilia stands out as well as Trap. Claustrophilia stands out because it is set around a real apartment and has a unique twist where if you manage to successfully navigate your way around the game, you actually will be in and out of the apartment without actually managing to meet the games master.

That wasnt to be us . In fact , we usually need a bit of help to escape , even though we have done over 50 room escape games. The only room that we have so far managed to do without any help was Major Plott’s Revenge at Escape Rooms Belfast. It is a cold war game, where you go into a room and try to steal a secret plan. It didnt have any electronic props but it had a few twists in the story line and we came out very satisfied to have completed the game without any help. The way that we are going , we will probably have to do another 50 escape rooms before we repeat the feat.

I will be putting up individual reviews for as many games that I can but in this brief overview, I will just mention a few escape games here and there.